A Strong economies begin with an investment in the community

The job opportunities are often not in the communities that need them the most and there is a pool of overlooked talent in underserved communities often attributed to infrastructure barriers.  At Pelenti Group we understand the needs of the community and have made it our mission to work with government agencies to create opportunities for this population. By making this sort of investment we are creating solutions to help increase employment and decrease homelessness.

A strong Community is a place of opportunity

The gap between affordable housing and employment opportunities continue to rise across the nation, therefore urban planning initiatives must nurture a creative economy through investment in job creation and affordable housing development initiatives. Pelenti Group are advocates for creating affordable housing as a way to support the workforce and the local economy.

Change Begins with an Investment Mentality

The Pelenti Group is social enterprise company dedicated to assisting government agencies in creating strong economies and healthy communities by supporting initiatives that increase job opportunities within urban communities.

Pelenti Group is Committed to Ending Homelessness

Meaningful and sustainable employment is the key to creating and maintaining housing stability. Unemployment, underemployment, and low wages relative to rent are frequent causes of homelessness and attribute to increased poverty levels. As a result, employing people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness and equipping them with job training is critical to ensure they have the tools they need for long-term stability and success. Employment is a huge step in exiting poverty, however there are some commonalities that members of impoverished communities face such as long breaks in employment, prior records and substance abuse issues that make it challenging to maintain employment. Pelenti Group are experts when it comes to managing labor and we especially take pride in employing community members that have been overlooked and disregarded.

Our Expertise is
Labor Management

Pelenti Group will source, train, deploy and manage the labor force specific to the needs of your agency. We are experts in workforce management and our meticulous approach in employee recruitment, scheduling, effective labor management and training systems allow for us to reduce government costs and help agencies operate at the most efficient levels while utilizing a population of often overlooked individuals.